Any questions you may have in regards to GS96 Gaming should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer who handles the overall operations for GS96.

SixxStar —

If you would like to join the GS96 Gaming then please visit the Requirements and Application pages. Your application will be reviewed and voted on by the GS96 Executive Staff. You will be notified by our Personnel Officer on the outcome your application.

Jim —

GS96 Gaming strives to have good community relations with other PC gaming communities. If your community would like to become friends of GS96 Gaming then please contact the Community Relations Officer.


If you are looking to be unban from a GS96 server, please be aware that we ban for the following:

  • Repeated verbal abuse of players
  • Disrespecting GS96 members & server rules
  • Excessive arguing, griefing or trolling
  • Base Griefing (destruction) [ARMA]
  • Hacking ***INSTANT BAN***
  • Racist images or language ***INSTANT BAN***
  • Sexually explicit images or language ***INSTANT BAN***
  • Vulgar images or language

We are more than happy to discuss why you were ban and the possibility of reversing the ban. If your offense was not too sever we are willing to give those a second chance. But for those who are abusive then we are less likely to reverse a ban (we want GS96 servers a place to be a welcoming environment for everyone).

If you want to appeal your ban, we need to know the following:

  • Provide the Playername you were using when ban
  • Provide the name of the server you were ban from
  • Provide why you think why you were ban from the server
  • Provide the reason why we should reverse the ban

All requests to be unban, as well as other inquires can be done so using the contact form: