Most clans ask you to join their clan but never give you reasons why to choose them. We have several reasons why to join GS96:

  • We do NOT accept hackers.
  • We do NOT accept racism.
  • We do NOT have requirements of time played.
  • We do NOT have mandatory meetings.
  • We do NOT require you to donate money.
  • We do NOT want name calling or trash talking others.
  • We are a clan of Quality not Quantity.
  • We are supportive to our members.
  • We expect our members be mature at all times.
  • We prefer members be over the age of 30 years old.
  • We have our more active members involved in team decisions.
  • We accept all skill levels.
  • We are both competitive and recreational.
  • We expect our members to follow our rules & standards.

Before our members vote on your application, we require you to have played with our members for at least 8 hours.

Using our TeamSpeak server to talk with other members is NOT required as part of membership. But using our TeamSpeak is REQUIRED during the application process so our voting members get to know you better, as well as you getting to know our members. Once approved, you do not have to use our TeamSpeak server but you will NOT be given the opportunity of becoming an ADMIN to our gaming servers or vote on team issues (new members, server settings & rules, etc.).

Your application will be reviewed by the GS96 Executive Staff. They will vote on your application for approval or denial after discussion. You will be notified of the decision by the personnel officer.

If you decide to apply to join GS96 then thank you for doing so. But if you decide not to join GS96 then thank you for considering us and for your playing on our servers & hope you continue to do so.