Voice Servers

GS96 uses both Discord and TeamSpeak3 (TS3) as its voice communications. The following are the rules for the GS96 voice servers:

  • TS3 server is for GS96 members, friends & guests of GS96
  • TS3 server does NOT allow racist language
  • Phonetic Nickname should only be your player name (***NO*** offensive or bad tasting player names)
  • Be respectful to all those on the server


You need to go to the TeamSpeak website to download the TS3 software. You will need to know if you are a 32-bit or 64-bit machine in order to download the correct version (Client 32-bit or Client 64-bit). You can download TS3 HERE.

After installing, you need to run TS3. Select “Connections” in the Tool Bar then select “Connect”. A new Pop-Up Window will come up. Select the “More” Button and fill in the following information (Server #1: – Server #2:

Make sure to set the “Phonetic Nickname” to your player name without the “GS96|” otherwise it will sound like “GS96 Vertical Line YOURNAME” to others. After completing this then select the “Connect” Button and you should now be connected to the server.

You should now be in the channel “AFK” (Away From Keyboard). While in the AFK Channel your microphone will automatically will be muted. To get to another channel you just need to double-click on the channel name you want to move to.

First, you need to Bookmark this server so that you do not need to re-enter the information to re-connect back to this server. To do this just select “Bookmarks” on the Tool Bar then select “Add to Bookmarks”. Another window will appear showing all Bookmarks made if any. Just select “Ok” at the bottom and the server will be saved to your Bookmarks. After you leave and you want to re-connect just select the “Bookmarks” in the Tool Bar (not “Connections”) and then select “GS96 TEAMSPEAK3” and you will re-connect.

Next, you need to set your “Text-To-Speech” option on. To do this, select “Setting” on the Tool Bar then select “Options”. You should now see a new Pop-Up Window labeled “Options”. Select “Notifications” then from the Pull-Down Menu next to “Sound Pack:” choose “Default Text To Speech”.

If you are having issues with Hearing others or others are having issues hearing you then you may need to play around with your settings for Sending & Receiving. Sending will be in the option “Capture” with selections for Capture Mode and Capture Device. Receiving will be in the option “Playback” with selections for Playback Mode and Playback Device. When done select “Ok” at the bottom.

You should now be all setup to use TeamSpeak. Other items can be learned by asking others while online (Moving Users, Muting, Changing Channels, etc.).